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It is generally accepted that over 70% of the population of England have not made Wills. In this country, we seem unwilling to consider the eventuality of our deaths and the consequences that it could have on our loved ones.

We spend thousands of pounds on various types of insurance and yet are unwilling to spend an hour or so of our time and a one-off fee to ensure that the assets accumulated over a life-time are secured for the people we love.

If you die without making a Will, then the statutory provisions would apply. If you are cohabiting, your lifetime partner could end up with nothing. If you have children from a previous relationship, they could end up with nothing. If you have a vunerable child, their inheritance they receive could be at risk from greedy ‘friends’ who might take advantage of them. If your spouse or partner marries after your death, your children could receive nothing.

When making a Will, legacies or gifts can be made to friends or families. These gifts can become effective either on your death or when your spouse or partner dies.

If you have minor children, you can appoint guardians in your Will. If you were to die without appointing a guardian, then anybody who wished to care for your children would have to apply for that right, but they might not be the person that you would wish to act. Your estate would be held in Trust for your children and you can also specify at the age when your children would inherit. By law they inherit at the age of eighteen, but you can specify if that age is to be older. Provision would be made for their maintenance to be paid to their guardian, with the capital remaining in Trust until they were old enough to inherit.

With proper advice, your lifetime’s work can be protected for the people you care about. It takes approximately one hour and it is then one less thing you have to worry about.

Call now and arrange to make a Will. You know it makes sense.

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The only way to be certain your affairs would be safe if you became incapable of managing them.

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