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We do not appoint ourselves as Executors of an Estate.

We have, however, arranged for a Probate Advice Line to give guidance to your Executors on how to administer your estate when the time comes. This gives our clients the peace of mind that their last wishes will be carried out correctly. It also means that their Executors are not overburdened as they have a free advice line to turn to for guidance.

The advice line is administered by Kings Court Trust Ltd who will answer any questions without obligation or cost.

In the event that your Executors need more help, they could appoint Kings Court Trust Ltd to obtain the grant of probate on their behalf. Before Kings Court Trust Ltd would act for them, they would offer a fixed fee quotation for the work to be carried out.

To gain access to the free helpline service, just call 0300 303 9000, quoting the free access code WW305:

For more information please visit -

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Power of Attorney

The only way to be certain your affairs would be safe if you became incapable of managing them.

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