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Living Wills (Advanced Directive)

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A Living Will, otherwise known as an Advanced Directive, is a document that nominates someone to decide if medical treatment should continue ONLY if you are unable to do so yourself.

In the document, you name a person who will decide if medical treatment is to continue, but only after TWO consultants have concluded that you are unlikely to recover. If you feel that you do not wish to be kept alive on a ventilator or in a similar situation, then you can decide if the treatment should cease, but treatment to mitigate pain would continue.

We must stress that this document would become effective ONLY if you cannot make that decision for yourself and would not give the named person the right to override what treatment you are currently receiving.

We supply three copies of the Directive; one for you to keep, one to be supplied to your General Practitioner and one to your local hospital. We also supply the covering letters to the relevant organisations.

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Power of Attorney

The only way to be certain your affairs would be safe if you became incapable of managing them.

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